By using the safety resources delivered and maintained by HeliOffshore you can further enhance the safety of your helicopter operations, worldwide. You can also contribute your expertise and experiences as we deliver further resources for our global industry.

HeliOffshore Resources

Enhancing Use of Automation

Automation Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles are offered to ensure effective use of automation.

Standard Operating Procedures based on these principles will help to mitigate the risks of interacting with cockpit automation and improve safety performance in usage and monitoring.

Download the Automation Guidance 1.0

Automation Training Videos

These videos are designed to be used by training departments to help to enhance the use of automation in new technology aircraft. They can be used alongside the HeliOffshore Automation Guidance Principles (see above) as part of instructor-led classroom training.

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Effective Use of Automation

Information Exchange

b1f39867-f2b0-41de-9af7-34165d6b012aBy sharing data and information, we help member to learn, identify priorities, and verify that improvements have delivered a positive impact on safety performance. Members share safety information via HeliOffshore InfoShare, our secure online information sharing site.

ICAO maintains links to sites of interest to the civil aviation community here:

SKYbrary is an electronic repository of safety knowledge related to flight operations, air traffic management and aviation safety:

HeliOffshore has reciprocal membership with the following associations:

Pre Audit Questionnaire

The Pre Audit Questionnaire will soon be hosted by HeliOffshore (it is currently hosted by IOGP through SMART Solutions and AviateQ). The Questionnaire is designed to facilitate a more efficient audit process, with each operator updating company details and documents for review by the auditor prior to the audit. This greatly reduces duplication of effort and streamlines the audit process.

Wrong Deck Landings

In 2014, IOGP’s Aviation Sub Committee and HeliOffshore endorsed a working group on Wrong Deck Landings (WDL). The group was formed and CHC commissioned a study on behalf of HeliOffshore to review WDL events. Click here to read the final Wrong Deck Landings Report


HeliOffshore Works to Improve Safety for Helicopters Operating In Dangerous Conditions – AINtv

At HAI HELI-EXPO in Dallas, AIN Online interviewed HeliOffshore CEO, Gretchen Haskins, to produce this short film on the importance of collaboration, and how HeliOffshore is working with its members to create workable solutions to the biggest safety challenges in the industry.

HeliOffshore Conference 2016: Global Collaboration, Frontline Results

The support of senior leaders of the global offshore helicopter industry continues to be vital as we strengthen our joint resolve, deepen our collaboration, and target our resources to further enhance safety. At the HeliOffshore Conference 2016, leaders expressed their deep commitment to global collaboration for safety.

HeliOffshore Conference 2016: Global Collaboration, Frontline Results

Since its launch in October 2014, HeliOffshore – the global safety association for the offshore helicopter industry – has brought together stakeholders to achieve a global collaboration with frontline results. This short film captures the work of HeliOffshore’s members and was first shown at the HeliOffshore Conference 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Bernard Looney Address to HeliOffshore Conference

A video address by Bernard Looney, CEO of BP Upstream, was used to open the HeliOffshore Conference 2016. It includes messages from frontline pilots and engineers about what they need to perform in their roles safely, every day. Please note: the film was recorded prior to the tragic Norway helicopter accident.

HeliOffShore Launches HUMS Best Practice Guidance

The launch of HeliOffshore’s “Health and Usage Monitoring System Best Practice” is the result of a highly engaged industry putting momentum behind actions that will make the greatest difference to safety. In this film, contributors to the HeliOffshore HUMS best practice and CEO Gretchen Haskins describe the safety benefits of HUMS, how the best practice was developed, and their ongoing commitment to collaborate for safety.

Gretchen Haskins

HeliOffshore CEO Gretchen Haskins talks about HeliOffshore and the opportunities ahead.

Bill Chiles & Gretchen Haskins in Conversation

HeliOffshore Chairman Bill Chiles and CEO Gretchen Haskins discuss the launch of HeliOffshore.

HeliOffshore Launch Video

The founding directors and stakeholders welcome the launch of HeliOffshore, an organisation formed by leading offshore helicopter transport companies to drive for even higher safety standards. HeliOffshore will work collaboratively with those interested in offshore helicopter safety to achieve these aims.