Safety Programme

The HeliOffshore Safety Strategy provides a common language, framework and priorities for the industry’s collaboration for safety.


Use the safety resources delivered and maintained by HeliOffshore to further enhance the safety of your helicopter operations, worldwide.


Participate in our collaboration for safety via workstreams, events, and online through HeliOffshore Space and the Information Exchange.


Participate in HeliOffshore forums, working groups, and events to help to shape safety priorities, contribute expertise, and learn from others.

Our Purpose

HeliOffshore is the global, safety-focused association for the offshore helicopter industry. Through collaboration with and between our members, we are delivering an industry-wide safety programme to enhancing safety, worldwide. We bring together the global offshore helicopter industry so that:

  • No lives are lost through offshore flight
  • Information is shared to prevent accidents
  • Best practice is used by the global frontline
  • Our combined activities provide cost benefits to members
  • Collective action delivers breakthroughs in safety performance

Collaboration for safety reaches 100 members as major Russian operator UTair-Helicopter Services joins HeliOffshore

September 19, 2016 London, UK – HeliOffshore, the offshore helicopter industry’s safety-focused organisation, today confirmed its 100th member. Chief Executive Officer Gretchen Haskins described how the industry’s collaboration is enhancing safety, worldwide. “We are delighted to announce that major Russian helicopter operator UTair‑Helicopter Services has joined as our 100th member,” said Mrs. Haskins. “With the…

CEO's Blog

Effective Use of Automation

The global aviation industry is testament to what can be achieved when you combine humans and machines successfully. In the past 20 years, advanced cockpit automation has allowed aviators to go further and do more. In the offshore helicopter industry, with automation we are able to serve the most remote oil and gas locations; often…


HeliOffshore Conference 2016: Global Collaboration, Frontline Results

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