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20 July 2017


News: UK and Norwegian CAAs Publish Safety Directives Lifting Super Puma Operating Restrictions

Today the UK and Norwegian CAAs published the formal safety directives informing their respective states that they have lifted operating restrictions on Airbus Helicopters EC225LP and AS332L2 aircraft. The documents explain that operators wishing to resume Super Puma operations must first comply with the associated EASA Airworthiness Directive (2017-0111), ensure that an EASA-approved Full Flow Magnetic Plug device is installed to support the inspection of the Main Gearbox oil system particle detection, and present a safety case for resuming operations for approval by the authorities.

HeliOffshore is liaising with technical experts from our member operators with a view to carefully considering all data provided to the UK and Norwegian authorities in support of their decision to lift operating restrictions on the Super Puma aircraft. The association will use its proven tools and collaborative approach to enhancing safety to give operators the solid technical foundation they need for making their individual operational safety decisions.

In doing so, the HeliOffshore team is identifying the remaining very specific questions that operators want addressed. We also are in close contact with Airbus Helicopters to prepare for a detailed technical briefing.

Full details of the latest safety directives from the UK and Norwegian CAAs can be found at the following links: