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14 June 2021


News: Third Industry Safety Performance Report Published

Today (Monday 14th June) HeliOffshore published its third Industry Safety Performance Report.

Tim Rolfe, CEO HeliOffshore, said: “Reading safety data invites reflection.  Whether the data reveal our challenges or reflects a positive trend in safety performance, we are reminded of our critical and relentless mission to ensure no lives are lost in offshore aviation.

“We will continue to develop this annual report to provide a view that is only apparent when we combine our knowledge and safety information – please share the insights you gain from it and tell us what this data means to you.”

Through HeliOffshore’s Safety Intelligence Programme, industry data is gathered and analysed to ensure safety initiatives are appropriately targeted to deliver the best safety benefit.  HeliOffshore’s data-driven approach also allows the offshore aviation industry to check safety initiatives are delivering the desired effect for given resource and effort.

Author of the report and Safety Intelligence Programme Director, Matt Greaves, added: “One of the key data points in this report is the five year average accident rate. In the latest period, the accident rate has reduced by more than 20% this year which is really encouraging. There is still lots of work to do to continue to improve the rate but we are certainly heading in the right direction.

“By being clear and transparent about the data we include and how we calculate our metrics, we generate an aligned position throughout the industry. This allows everyone to concentrate their efforts on addressing, rather than identifying, the high-level risks.

“This year, the report is available as an interactive website so it is easy to find what you need and relate essential safety data to frontline practice.”