System Reliability & Resilience

This workstream is focused on enhancing the reliability and resilience of the human/machine system through:

  • Early diagnosis and resolution of potential failure.
    • Optimising the use of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems
    • Working with OEMs to review existing alternate detection methodologies to identify safety enhancing improvements
  • Operating with serviceable and suitable safety equipment
  • Improving equipment reliability, including fewer single point failures, and system(s) redundancy
    • Assessing technical and accident data, to identify causes of events, such as ‘Return to Base’ or technical failures that have contributed to accidents
    • Reducing operational impact of system failures
  • Effective Maintenance
    • Ensuring effective progressive maintenance by reviewing aircraft maintenance documentation and training, and evaluating critical maintenance tasks, to ensure that manuals, tools and training procedures effectively support maintenance teams
    • Error tolerant designs
  • Improved airworthiness management
    • Improving collaboration between operators’ maintenance teams to collect data on best practices and lessons learned for sharing across the industry
  • Effective Supply Chain Management


  • Implementation of Health & Usage Monitoring best practice guidelines to enhance early detection at the frontline.
  • Established work groups to progress specific elements of the workstream.

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Safety Programme: High Potential Actions

These are the high potential actions identified in the HeliOffshore Safety Strategy for this workstream.

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Workstream Leaders

Lee James

Deputy General Operations Manager/ Snr Manager Maintenance, EMEA, CHC

Rob Pendle

Technical Director, Caverton Helicopters


HUMS Recommended Practice v2.0 Human Hazard Analysis Standardised Approach