Safety Intelligence and Data

This workstream is focused on the foundational activities that enable safe operations, every day, including:

  • Effective Safety Leadership and Culture
  • Data sharing and lessons learned
  • Effective Safety Management Systems
  • Competency of operational staff (pilots, maintainers, supervisors etc.), including selection, experience, readiness, training and use of evidence based training
  • Use of modern technology with safety and reliability enhancements.


  • Agreement with GE Aviation to develop and implement digital solutions for a global safety data management system for the industry.  The system will be deployed in phases beginning this year.
  • Launch of online global collaboration tool – HeliOffshore Space – which enables increasing participation in collaboration.
  • Established Info Share, through which Operator members share safety information, supported by face to face meetings between Operators and Manufacturers to determine actions to address key safety issues.
  • Established regional HeliOffshore groups to bring Members together at regional level.
  • Established HFDM group of 10 operators to develop a proof-of-concept for sharing de-identified HFDM data.

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Safety Programme: High Potential Actions

These are the high potential actions identified in the HeliOffshore Safety Strategy for this workstream.

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