Safety Programme

Our Strategy provides a common language, framework and priorities for the industry’s collaboration for safety. Safety progress is delivered through four workstreams, led and populated by experts from among HeliOffshore members.


Our Safety Strategy Panel, which includes senior representatives from the oil and gas industry, Operators, Manufacturers, etc. and considers how to direct resources and investment so that HeliOffshore activities deliver the greatest positive impact on safety, worldwide.


System Reliability & Resilience

This workstream is focused on enhancing the reliability and resilience of the human/machine system.

Operational Effectiveness

This workstream is focused on enhancing operational effectiveness.

Safety Intelligence and Data

This workstream is focused on the foundational activities that enable safe operations, every day.


This workstream is focused on enhancing the survivability of accidents.

HeliOffshore Safety Strategy

  • A collective view of actions that make the greatest difference to safety;
  • Awareness of available best practice and the tools to implement those practices fully;
  • A means to measure the progress and impact of safety actions across our industry;
  • An environment where stakeholders collaborate, share information and combine resources to achieve breakthroughs in safety.

We continue to seek participants for HeliOffshore workstreams and initiatives, so please review the Strategy and let us know where we can best use your experience and expertise: