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22 September 2021


News: Sola Conference 2021: InfoRate and the future

Today (22 September 2021), HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme (HSIP) Director Dr Matthew Greaves presented HeliOffshore data analytics and solutions at the Sola Conference in Norway.

The Sola conference for Safety in Aviation is an important independent arena for debate and exchange of knowledge. Norway is one of the largest regions of offshore helicopter flight activity in Europe and the world.

Dr Matthew Greaves said: “It was a privilege to present at the Sola conference and share the progress HeliOffshore members are making to ensure no lives are lost through offshore flight.

“Norway is a good example of the progress made in offshore aviation; the country has been accident free for three years with two serious incidents last year.

“We presented InfoRate to the breadth of our industry, including OEMs, unions, regulators, oil companies and many others. The analysis of smaller incidents can in turn help to prevent more serious accidents.

“As we look to the future, acting upon some of the key topics of discussion at Sola, HeliOffshore is working on how our collaboration for safety can extend to drone integration and the importance of sustainable aviation fuels.”

HeliOffshore CEO, Tim Rolfe, who addressed the conference remotely, added: “Only through a determined and collaborative effort were helicopter operators, customers, health services, aviation bodies and manufacturers able to sustain safety performance throughout the pandemic. Much of the safe transportation protocols remain in place globally today, allowing offshore flights and national energy supplies to continue safely, whilst other industries were effectively closed.

“This approach to collaborative solution finding is something to be celebrated; and Norway provided a shining example to the rest of the industry.”