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16 December 2020


News: Second Industry Safety Performance Report Published

Today (Tuesday 15th December 2020) HeliOffshore published its second Industry Safety Performance Report.

Author of the report and Safety Intelligence Programme Director, Matt Greaves, said: “This report reveals a unique, global, industry-wide picture of the safety performance of the offshore aviation sector.

“The last five years have been extremely demanding for the industry and this is reflected in the updated data.  The 2018 and 2019 flight hours figures are very similar but there has been a reduction in airframe numbers of around 7.5% pointing to an increase in airframe utilisation.  However, the fatal accident rate remained broadly unchanged: there were two fatal accidents in the industry in 2019 with four fatalities.

“HeliOffshore continues to focus our efforts and resources in the areas that generate the best safety return.  Preventing Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) and Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) remain our top priorities.”

Tim Rolfe, CEO HeliOffshore, said: “Safety data is not always easy to read.  It reveals our challenges and reminds us of our critical mission to transform global safety performance.  This is a mission delivered by one evidence-based safety conversation at a time and, despite breakthroughs, it remains relentless work.  Our industry frontline of pilots, maintainers, designers and passengers, deserve nothing less.

“We should always expect to change in response to new data; it either confirms or adjusts our priorities, actions and impact.  So, whatever the year ahead brings, let’s hold each other to account and allow this data sharpen our daily practice so no lives are lost in offshore aviation.”


Read the HeliOffshore Industry Safety Performance Report here.