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HeliOffshore now has more than 100 member companies worldwide. Here is a full list of current members and their locations.

If you would like to become a member of HeliOffshore, please complete the form below or email us at with the following information:




    • Operator
      Members whose primary business is the operation of offshore helicopters in the energy transport business and other business areas deemed to be consistent with achieving the goals and objectives of the Association.
    • Affiliate
      Members who have a stake in offshore operations such as customers, manufacturers, charterers, users, service providers, maintenance, technology development training and so forth that are carried out in partnership with the offshore helicopter operations businesses who are Operator Members. Please specify the type of affiliate member you are.


There is an important distinction between the two categories of membership:

Operator Members

Operator Members, when they join HeliOffshore, become (in UK law) legal member/owners of the Association. As such, they are governed by a document, Articles of Incorporation of HeliOffshore, and have reserved authority for determination of the business of the Association and certain reserved rights such as voting, directorships, financial oversight and so forth.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members, when they join HeliOffshore, agree to abide by the HeliOffshore Code of Conduct. They do not become legal members/owners of the Association but are entitled to certain rights and privileges to act within the Association and participate in safety activities.