HeliOffshore members recognise their obligation to carry people safely to and from their offshore workplaces, and to continue enhance safety performance, worldwide. They also recognise the opportunity to contribute to HeliOffshore’s efforts and, in return, they receive a number of benefits.

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Members of HeliOffshore:

  • Build a professional network at the most senior level of our industry
  • Participate in safety forums and workstreams with key decisions makers
  • Access leading industry safety information and guidance
  • Directly influence global efforts to enhance safety

Find out more about HeliOffshore membership below

Types of Membership

Affiliate Membership

Membership by subscription or contract is available to companies whose business operations support or otherwise contribute to the operation of offshore helicopters.

Client or Customer Affiliate Memberships

Client (or Customer) Members are those companies engaged in various aspects of the offshore energy sector utilising offshore helicopter transport/operations in the achievement of their business operations.

  • Public/Private Oil & Gas E&P / Energy Companies
  • National Oil Companies Transportation Clients, including:
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Offshore Service Vessel Operators
  • O&G E&P/Energy Service/and Technology Companies
  • Other Companies utilising helicopters for offshore transport or operations (e.g. wind turbine, alternative energy services, inspection companies, etc.)

Alliance Memberships

Alliance Members are those organisations engaged in various aspects of technological development and service that are applied in offshore helicopter aviation generally.

  • Aircraft manufacturers and Operational Equipment Manufacturers
  • Technology & Technical Service & Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Support Service, Supply & Maintenance Companies
  • Training & Flight Schools
  • Consulting Companies related to Safety, Operations, Management Legal, Financial, Insurance Companies
  • Staff and passenger representative groups

Public & Private Sector Associate Membership

Companies, educational institutions, research organization, non-profit and/or non-governmental organizations, individual professionals and agents or representatives of various governmental legislative or regulatory bodies may apply to become a Public & Private Associate Member. There is no fee or dues required for this category of membership. However, it is maintained in principal that other non-profit trade associations shall extend reciprocal, complimentary membership privileges to HeliOffshore.

  • Academic and Educational Institutions & Professionals
  • Governmental Agency Representatives and/or bodies
  • Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) representatives
  • Research Organizations, publicly or privately funded
  • Related Industry Trade Associations or Foundations

Operator Membership

HeliOffshore is open to membership by any company or organisation meeting two fundamental requirements:

  1. Operation as a company or group of at least one rotary aircraft holding an AOC
  2. Operation of that aircraft in the offshore transportation or other offshore service as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors

Determination of Operator Member classifications

  1. The basis for assessing membership classification and dues obligations is the concept of Heavy Equivalency.
  2. The Board of Directors shall publish a statement of determination of which aircraft are included with the definition of Heavy Equivalent.
  3. Upon application for Operator membership, the applicant shall apply these guidelines to determine the number of Heavy Equivalencies on which it shall base its member classification and dues.

Membership Category

Operator Members are further classified in the Articles of Incorporation as being either:

  • Large Operator Members who shall operate 50 or greater number of Heavy Equivalencies
  • General Operator Members who shall operate 49 or less number of Heavy Equivalencies

Certain membership rights are determined by this classification. All members will be eligible to vote and there is a cap on votes by large members to ensure all voices count.