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14 May 2018


Blogs: Implementation = Results: Together we are delivering our safety priorities

by Gretchen Haskins, CEO, HeliOffshore

I set very high standards for what our industry could achieve together for safety in the frontline at the HeliOffshore 2018 conference. After many weeks of exceptionally hard and thoughtful work by the HeliOffshore team and so many leaders from member companies, the conference served up everything I’d been hoping for—-the clarity of next steps to deliver across our global industry on the safety priorities we’ve been developing since this truly exceptional organisation was founded just over four years ago.

The turnout in Italy set a new record, with just over 200 very senior people gathering from all stakeholder groups. It was so inspiring and empowering to see such a strong community of committed people coming together to discuss what we can achieve together to enhance safety in offshore helicopter operations.

We had the chance to learn from our colleagues in the fixed wing sector at Airbus and Boeing about how to the difference targeted collaboration can bring to safety results in the frontline. We were greatly inspired and encouraged by a wonderful presentation by Fawaz Bitar, BP’s Head of Global Operations Upstream and the newly elected chairman of the Management Committee of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP). He made it clear that oil companies are firmly committed to supporting our shared mission to save lives. You can find more details on these and the conference’s other wonderful presentations (as well as video highlights and photos) in the 2018 Conference Proceedings section of our website.

Our focus in Italy was on taking the collaboration between HeliOffshore members to the next level to achieve real results in the front line. In this regard, we also had excellent engagement with regulators, oil companies, operators, manufacturers, and suppliers present, who made it clear they are keen to work with us on our safety priorities.

Overall, our discussions at the conference went a long way to ensuring that we are all ready to do what it takes to ensure that our collaboration achieves the right momentum and gets results in the front line. We focused on individual companies’ implementation plans for a set of targeted improvements, developed collaboratively by HeliOffshore members (please watch our video about HeliOffshore’s accomplishments).

 Personally, I left Baveno more convinced than ever that we have reached the point where we have executable implementation plans, and that will deliver tangible safety benefits. We’re using our new dashboards and stage gate review processes—also rolled out at the conference–to ensure we have complete clarity as to who is doing what and when. We know that, together, we can achieve so much more progress and momentum on our safety goals.

We’re focusing more than ever on conversations that ensure our safety products are fit for purpose and deliver at the front line. Our safety intelligence and data sharing efforts are starting to yield information to help us make the business case and measure the results of our endeavours. Use of leading indicator information is allowing us to approach our work more proactively than ever before, helping us to work on preventing accidents before they can occur (as spelt out in our Safety Strategy).

Through our new HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme, we’ve made significant progress with data and information sharing, including normalising and trend reports that give a global view of topics such as approach path management and return to base. The conference also heard how our Human Hazard Analysis initiative is starting to mitigate safety risks in the maintenance process.

There was so much about our 2018 Conference that fuelled our belief that, through the exceptional collaboration we have built in four short years, we are better placed than ever to make a lasting difference in making our industry a safer place to work.

I am sincerely grateful to all those HeliOffshore members who made this conference such an inspirational success. I hope you have returned safely home,  re-energised for the important work we’ll do together during the rest of this year and beyond. If you couldn’t be there, I hope you will take a look at the proceedings, get in touch, and ask any questions you have, so that we can continue our collaborative efforts to enhance safety in our industry.