News: Incident Updates

17 November 2015

Incident Updates

Incident Updates: HeliOffshore Further Improves Support to Members

A message from Gretchen Haskins, HeliOffshore CEO:

Together, we are making great progress on our safety priorities and we continue to be highly ambitious about what we can achieve through our long-term collaboration. We are also mindful of the ongoing pressure on the offshore helicopter industry. HeliOffshore’s aim is to both enhance safety and use synergies across the industry to reduce costs to members wherever possible (for example, by avoiding duplication of effort).

With this in mind, we have put in place a small, flexible team to give members the information and support they need to collaborate toward, and benefit from, ever-higher levels of safety. The team is a combination of contract, full-, and part-time roles.

New team members

Katherine Hamblin, Business Manager:

Katherine joins HeliOffshore as our full-time business manager and my executive assistant. With her support, we will optimise our efficiency so that we can focus on supporting members to enhance safety. Katherine has 10 years’ experience in the energy sector, specialising in project management and communications, and she has a BSc Hons in Psychology.

Melinda de Boer, Communications:

Most recently, Melinda was a communications director at CHC Helicopter. She has 20 years’ experience in PR, communications, and issue management. She recently established Dextera Communications and we have retained her services, part-time, to enhance two-way communication with members, drive use of collaboration tools, and promote our efforts and achievements to stakeholders; including media.

Existing team members

Francois Lassale, Operations Director:

Francois has been in role for one month, supporting the successful delivery of HeliOffshore’s safety programme. He has been meeting with members in a number of regions and has started to provide support and expertise to the workstream leaders.

John Black, Company Security and Treasurer:

John continues, part-time, as primary liaison for membership, supporting new and current members, and managing the association’s finances. During a transition period, Jeni Durrant is providing part-time contract support to John. Jeni is available at

Please join me in welcoming Katherine and Melinda.

I am delighted by the outcomes we are already achieving from the workstreams and that we are now set up and fit for purpose to serve our members. I continue to welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our delivery.