5 May 2018

HeliOffshore Conference and AGM 2018 Proceedings

“Delivering our Priorities

HeliOffshore CEO Gretchen Haskins and chairman Bill Chiles open the 2018 Conference

On 5th and 6th May 2018, around 200 senior offshore industry leaders and global safety experts took part in HeliOffshore’s fifth annual conference and AGM. Delegates focused on how the association’s collaboration for safety can achieve excellence where it counts.  View the 2019 agenda and speaker biographies.

The event featured a new video summarising the accomplishments of our collaboration for safety so far. You can view it, along with several of the conference sessions–on HeliOffshore’s YouTube channel.

The event brought stakeholders to agree key priorities for our working going forward and how we can ensure that the right resources are in place to achieve these. There was emphasis on specific next steps to achieve implementation, industry-wide.

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Day 1


Delegates were welcomed by Bill Chiles, HeliOffshore Chairman, Gretchen Haskins, HeliOffshore CEO, and François Lassale, HeliOffshore Operations Director.

“There is no more noble cause than for all of us to work together to save lives. We do this because it is right – it’s a fundamental human obligation to make sure all our passengers and crews return home safely every day. I believe that to the bottom of my heart, and I believe you do too.” Bill Chiles

You can view the conference introduction presentation here.

Keynote Speaker: Richard Noble, OBE.

Richard specialises in high-risk ventures and brought the World Land Speed Record back to Britain in 1983 with the Thrust2 programme. He runs The Blood Hound Project, inspiring the next generation to get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. At the conference, he inspired delegates about what can be achieved through collaboration and never giving up on what is possible.


Oil Industry Commitment to Safety Collaboration

Fawaz Bitar, Head of BP Upstream Operations, described his commitment to safety and reinforced IOGP’s commitment to working together to eliminate fatalities, and willingness of IOGP Management Committee to consider new ways to get results for safety (e.g. Safira, Strategic investment in high priority safety projects, and standardisation). Fawaz described IOGP’s Project Safira – a data-led programme to eliminate fatalities.

“It’s all about people’s lives – and that’s why it matters.”

“In a decade, the oil and gas industry has halved fatalities – the focus is now on eliminating all loss of life. This is no longer a vision. This is an expectation.”

Recalled the saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

You can view Fawaz Bitar’s presentation here.

Next Steps in Safety Collaboration – Key Enablers

Lance Bospflug, President and COO, PHI Inc. led a panel that included fixed-wing safety experts Terry McVenes, Director of Safety System and Regulatory Affairs at Boeing, and Yannick Malinge, SVP and Chief Product Safety Office from Airbus. Terry and Yannick were joined by David Solar from EASA, Nolan Crawford from the FAA, Chris Hawkes from IOGP, and Tony Cramp from Shell.

“You’re on the right track. It’s taken collaboration and communication and a working together spirit that wasn’t easy at the beginning. (In the fixed wing industry) we also had different constituents and perspectives. Trust was a big issue to work through. It is such a precious thing.” Terry McVenes, Boeing

“We’ve looked at the data for our crashes and the exact same circumstances have happened before. It’s unacceptable that someone should die because someone didn’t share their data.” Chris Hawkes, IOGP

Next Steps in Safety Collaboration: Practical Actions in the Year Ahead

Lance Bospflug led a second panel comprised of Susan Griffin from Bell, Jeff Hanke from Sikorsky, Will Jacobs from Cougar, and Mark Kelly from Lobo Leasing. The panel talked about how to align investment, priorities, and resources for effective delivery, the importance of focus on the frontline, and having a proactive strategy as well as using focused audits.

“Since our participation in HeliOffshore, everyone we need to collaborate with is in this room today.” Will Jacobs, describing how collaboration leads to frontline results.

You can view the Next Steps in Safety Collaboration presentation here.

Watch video of the Key Enablers conference session here.

Watch video of the Practical Actions conference session here.

Next Steps in Safety Collaboration: Delivering Results

Chris Bradshaw, President and CEO, Era Group introduced a joint presentation from Régis Magnac, Airbus Helicopters, David Martin, from Sikorsky. Chris acknowledged the donation of funding for Lean Six Sigma Experts to come and work with the HeliOffshore Workstream leads to apply Stage Gate Review Principles used in Industry to our collaborative safety work.

Régis and David – representing two OEMs – stood side-by-side to describe the specific next steps and changes that must happen to ensure effective implementation of safety priorities, industry-wide.

“It’s the leadership in the company that needs to push safety projects to the top. We sit down once each month to talk through the HeliOffshore workstreams. We ask about barriers and issues.” General Tan Sri Muhammed Ismail Jamaluddin, Weststar Aviation

You can view the Delivering Results presentation here.


Day 2

Delegates were welcomed by Jonathan Baliff, President and CEO, Bristow Group, with a story about our shared safety journey. He challenged those in the room to progress even further with the industry’s global safety programme.

Implementing our Priorities: Safety Intelligence

Jonathan Baliff welcomed to stage Dr Matthew Greaves, Project Manager for the HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme. The programme (known as HSIP) designs and executes the system for gathering and analysing of data for actionable results to bring safety benefit.

The industry benefits from the safety intelligence programme because it creates a global safety picture, measures the effects of safety initiatives, highlights common issues, and guides the industry’s shared safety strategy. Operators can use the programme to benchmark against industry, support safety cases, highlight risks that you haven’t experienced as the industry works with larger data sets.

Tony Cramp, Vice President Aircraft for Shell and Managing Director Shell Aircraft, described how the oil company has developed and implemented safety leadership requirements, in summary: mindful of risks; demonstrating leadership; motivating and coaching personnel; holding people to account; engaging with stakeholders and partners.

You can view the Safety Intelligence presentation here.

Get Board Member Jonathan Baliff’s perspective on our safety journey and learn more about the HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme by watching this video.

Implementing our Priorities: Operational Effectiveness

Led by Tim Rolfe from Bristow, this session focused on how FCOM, HTAWS and Eye-Tracking Research has progressed. He began the session by sharing a new FCOM video, now available on HeliOffshore’s YouTube channel.

Chris Cawelti, from Bell, described how the Bell 525 FCOM is being developed.

Mark Radford, from Babcock Aviation Offshore, and Alain Di Bianca, from Airbus Helicopters, shared how they worked to develop the Airbus FCOMs (H225 and H175), and how they can be best used and improved in collaboration with operators.

Yasuo Ishihara, from Honeywell Aerospace, and Matteo Ragazzi, Head of Airworthiness with Leonardo Helicopters Engineering, described progress toward FAA STC and TSO approvals for HTAWS.

You can view the Operational Effectiveness presentation here.

Implementing our Priorities: System Reliability and Resilience

Led by David Balevic from CHC Helicopter, this session described the work of the Technical Steering Group and the high potential actions to ensure reliability and resilience. HeliOffshore project manager Scott Carmichael led a table-top exercise on maintenance processes and human hazard analysis, and then David introduced a panel comprised of Dr Hazel Courteney, HeliOffshore; George Devilliers, Airbus; Dr Simon Gill, HeliOffshore; Francesca Barosio, Leonardo Helicopters.

Dr. Simon Gill explained the process for Human Hazard Analysis – it will focus on critical parts, and drill down to critical maintenance on those parts – and then bring maintenance and design engineers together to do analysis facilitated by Dr Gill and Dr Courteney.

You can view the System Reliability and Resilience presentation here.

You can learn more about Human Hazard Analysis by watching this video of the conference presentation.

 Annual General Meeting

HeliOffshore’s membership manager, Gill Furlong, presented a summary of the Association’s 2017 Accounts, including the key projects to which the budget was directed. She then presented a summary of the proposed 2018 budget, including where key investments will be made. The Association has reached 112 members. You can see the full member list at this link.

Board Members participated in a panel, reviewing progress and describing safety priorities that will be delivered thanks to the ongoing global collaboration that HeliOffshore enables.

The Board recognised with an award for services to safety in the offshore helicopter industry the contributions of Robert Boullion, PHI Inc. (pictured below right), and De Jansen, CHC Helicopter (pictured below centre), and Tim Rolfe, Bristow Group (pictured below left).

Plus you can watch video of the awards being presented and of our chairman Bill Chiles closing the 2018 Conference.


2019 HeliOffshore Conference and AGM

In 2019, the HeliOffshore Conference and AGM will be held at Athens, Greece on 4th-5th May (with social events on 3rd and 7th May).

The venue for the 2020 Conference and AGM was agreed: Lisbon, Portugal.


Your Feedback

Your feedback is welcome and vital to continuing to enhance the HeliOffshore Conference and AGM so that it as effective as possible. Delegates are invited to complete a survey at this link.


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