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1 May 2020


Blogs: A farewell blog from Gretchen

It has been the privilege of my career to lead HeliOffshore to deliver safety every single day.  On my first day, six years ago, HeliOffshore didn’t have a phone or computer.  We did, however, have a compelling mandate to draw the industry together so no lives are lost in offshore flight.  We now have a strong, tenacious, global collaboration.  We understand the power of coming together, despite competitive barriers and challenging markets, despite pandemics, to deliver our shared obligation to the people we serve.


The frontline – from passengers, to pilots, maintainers, designers, safety leaders and investors – has always been our purpose and our proof.  If it doesn’t work for the frontline, it doesn’t work.


I am proud of HeliOffshore’s steadfast operational focus; proud of Human Hazard Analysis and creating a collaboration between designers and maintainers to ensure resilient flight.  I am proud shared FCOMs help pilots fly, just as the designer invented the craft to be flown.  I am proud of our Safety Intelligence Programme and the clarity with which we gather, analyse and share data to create a safer industry.


It is an extraordinary thing to witness this industry in full flight.  There have been numerous moments, such as our annual conferences, when I have looked round the room to see exceptional safety leaders striving for excellence where it really counts to saving lives.  It has been a real privilege to witness the inspiring, honest, sometimes painful, industry conversations for the greater good.


I don’t underestimate the difficulties ahead but I also know we are at our best when the chips are down.  This is an industry that will rise to meet these troubles with familiar fortitude and fresh imagination.  Just as HeliOffshore has proved to date.