System Reliability & Resilience

This workstream is focused on enhancing the reliability and resilience of the human/machine system through:

  • Early diagnosis and resolution of potential failure, e.g. through best practise implementation of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems
  • Operation with serviceable and suitable safety equipment
  • Improved equipment reliability, including fewer single point failures, and system(s) redundancy
  • Effective progressive maintenance
  • Reduced operational impact of system failures
    • effective detection and recovery
    • reduced occurrence of “land immediately” events
    • enhanced survivability of controlled ditching at sea


  • Implementation of Health & Usage Monitoring best practice guidelines to enhance early detection at the frontline.
  • Pan-industry action plan to implement enhanced Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System by the end of 2017. 
  • Established Alternative Detection sub-group to identify and validate other methods of early detection.

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Safety Programme: High Potential Actions

These are the high potential actions identified in the HeliOffshore Safety Strategy for this workstream.

System Reliability_Snip

Workstream Leaders

Dave Balevic

VP Engineering & Operations, CHC Helicopter

Stuart Stavley

Senior VP – Operations, Era Helicopters


HUMS Best Practice