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14 July 2017


News: Sikorsky’s Electronic Flight Bag/Flight Crew Operator’s Manual App Now Available

The new Flight Crew Operating Manuals (FCOMs) for the Sikorsky S-92A and S-76D aircraft are now available for download from Apple’s App Store through the latest release of the iFly Sikorsky Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). The new manuals have been developed—based on peer review conducted last year—to give pilots a better understanding of each helicopter’s system operations.

The initiative was proposed by pilots on HeliOffshore’s FCOM workstream group and was agreed at the association’s 2014 conference in Lisbon. Sikorsky worked closely with HeliOffshore in developing the new FCOM, making use of the HeliOffshore Space portal to collaborate with aircraft operators.

According to Sikorsky, the FCOMs emphasize the use of aircraft automation and present techniques for operating the S-92A and S-76D based on the OEM design, development intent and specific systems integration.

Operators can download the latest FCOM viewer and Admin apps with their iTunes username and password. iFly Sikorsky administrators can download the aircraft data packages for the two types via the Sikorsky360 content library using their Sikorsky360 username and password and the Sikorsky EFB-Admin application.

The FCOM has been a cornerstone for the standardisation of fixed wing airliner operations for decades, even across different airlines. It allowed the collective design knowledge of the manufacturer to be in the hands of all pilots of the same type of aircraft.

“Sikorsky has taken this step, as other manufactures have too, and it demonstrates the ongoing effort to continue improvement in the use of their product and enhance safety through standardisation,” explained J.J. Gerber, operations service manager with Cougar Helicopters and Operational Effectiveness workstream co-leader. “With this release, the work is not complete and the HeliOffshore workstream will remain engaged with the manufacturer and the users of the types via the HeliOffshore web portal and collaboration tools to continue to enhance the document and keep it up to date.”

Sikorsky intends to release a further update to the FCOM, featuring normal and emergency procedures at a later date.