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16 May 2017

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News, Press Releases: HELIOFFSHORE CONFERENCE 2017: Enhanced safety through joined up safety investment, data sharing

15 May, 2017

Budapest, Hungary – HeliOffshore Chief Executive Officer Gretchen Haskins, in closing remarks yesterday, commended leaders of the offshore helicopter industry for sustaining an unwavering commitment to safety.

In front of more than 180 delegates, Mrs. Haskins described how the industry’s collaboration is making a difference at the frontline.

“We are delivering a shared safety strategy that has been adopted by more than 100 members, including helicopter operators, aircraft manufacturers, and representatives of the oil and gas industry,” said Mrs. Haskins.

“We’re also building on our established information sharing to develop a secure and integrated safety data management system in partnership with GE Aviation. This will enable analysis and insight to be used to achieve better safety outcomes in offshore helicopter operations, worldwide,” she said.

Conference delegates agreed to focus relentlessly on those actions that will have the greatest safety value; these include shared investment in evidence-based training for crews to the ongoing exchange of best practice gathered from a diverse range operating environments.

As well as helping helicopter operators – large and small – to enhance their safety systems, tools and processes, industry collaboration is helping manufacturers and system designers to drive safety enhancements. The collaboration also provides regulators with additional information to inform their priorities and decision-making.

HeliOffshore Board Chairman, Mr. Bill Chiles, restated the industry’s obligation to do everything possible to fulfil their shared safety commitment to those who work offshore.

“Deepening our collaboration benefits the people to whom safety matters most: the offshore workforce,” said Mr. Chiles. “HeliOffshore now has more than 100 members working beyond their commercial boundaries to collaborate for safety – that’s a powerful force.”

HeliOffshore’s third annual conference attracted senior leaders from six continents – from helicopter operators, manufacturers, regulatory bodies, the oil and gas industry, and academia.

At the annual general meeting, Mr. Lance Bospflug, president and chief operations officer at PHI Inc., was welcomed as a recently appointed member to the HeliOffshore Board. The Board also recognised the immense contribution of Mr. Al Gonsoulin, chief executive officer of PHI Inc. and a founding member of HeliOffshore, to the offshore helicopter industry and to safety.


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About HeliOffshore
HeliOffshore was founded in 2014 by leading offshore helicopter operators. Today, the global safety association for the offshore helicopter industry has more than 100 members, including aircraft and system manufacturers, helicopter operators, and leasing companies. Working with experts from member companies, the group shares best practice, provides a forum for collaborative exchange of information and facilitates training. The core areas of its safety focus are on system reliability and resilience, operational effectiveness, enabling safety and survivability.