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28 November 2017


News: New IOGP Report Details 2013-2016 Safety Performance Indicators

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers has published a new report on Safety Performance Indicators for aviation support of upstream and downstream operations during the period 2013-2016. The report, which was published on 27 November, is based on input from 24 IOGP member companies and is the first of its kind as part of IOGP’s data series. For 2016, it covers operations in 59 countries worldwide.

The key indicators for analysis of aviation operations and safety performance are as follows:

  • Numbers of fatalities
  • Accidents recorded
  • Hours flown
  • Passengers carried
  • Flights performed

The report presents worldwide and regional results against these indicators, and the rates of exposure by aircraft activity performed and the type of aircraft flown. You can read the report here: IOGP Safety Report 2017