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5 March 2019


News: Milestone Aviation’s HAI HeliExpo Event Boosts HeliOffshore’s Mission With $50,000 Sponsorship for Key Safety Programmes

HeliOffshore’s highly collaborative approach to enhancing the safety of offshore helicopter operations received a significant boost with a total of $50,000 in sponsorship raised at Milestone Aviation’s annual Poker Invitational tournament. The event, held on 5th March at HAI’s 2019 HeliExpo show in Atlanta, was the sixth annual no-stakes poker tournament hosted by Milestone. 

Milestone is a global leader in helicopter leasing and financing. It is a member of HeliOffshore, along with its sister company GE Aviation. For the third year in a row, Milestone funded a $50,000 sponsorship for select HeliOffshore safety initiatives. Each of the top five poker finalists was given the opportunity to select the safety programme of their choice to receive Milestone’s sponsorship funds. This year’s finalists and their safety programme funding choices were as follows:

1st) Steve Nota (Woodside Energy) $20,000 for the Return to Base Study

2nd) Irene Makris (Pratt & Whitney Canada) $10,000 for the HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme

3rd) Jonathan Cosson (Heli-Union) $8,000 for Demonstrating the Industry’s Commitment to Safety

4th) Joe Laroche (Milestone Aviation) $7,000 for Human Hazard Analysis

5th) Jamie Mitchell (Brunei Shell Petroleum) $5,000 for the HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme.

“Milestone’s sponsorship of HeliOffshore is so encouraging to us in our work and will make a significant difference in the degree to which we can deliver on key safety programmes and achieve measurable results for safety,” said HeliOffshore CEO Gretchen Haskins. “The spirit shown by participants in this very enjoyable evening reflected the high degree of collaboration that is critical to the success of HeliOffshore’s work, and it was good to see leaders in our industry choosing to support work that is close to their hearts.”

Since 2017, sponsorship from the Milestone poker tournament has provided valuable financial support in several key areas of HeliOffshore’s collaborative work. These include the following:

  • Human Factors in Maintenance–resulting in Human Hazard Analysis workshops in which operators and OEMs work together to strengthen aspects of aircraft design and the maintenance process
  • Eye-tracking Research—informing work on evidence-based training, ergonomic design and standardising procedures
  • Terrain and Obstacle Avoidance—supporting collaborative work with OEMs, regulators, operators and oil companies to develop plans for upgrades to Helicopter Terrain Awareness & Warning Systems
  • Flight Path Management—supporting the development of guidelines to share best practices for Approach Path Management
  • Delivery of Safety Data Insights—sharing frontline data to direct us to priority actions in areas such as resolving the causal factors of Return to Base events