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22 March 2016


Blogs: Launch of InfoShare

InfoShareI’m delighted about the extent to which our members are sharing safety information with each other. It is wonderful to see that this is now happening between competitors and around the world; so that we can use our combined resources to improve safety. People have embraced HeliOffshore’s Information Exchange and are using it to share events and lessons learned, and they are beginning to share Flight Data Monitoring analysis and Health & Usage Monitoring information with each other.

As we continue to nurture this new culture, we’re putting in place tools that will make best use of this data.

It’s also important that we continue to link information with action, and close the loop to check that our actions achieve our desired results. And we are working with members to continuously improve the tools and support available to do this.

The first step is the launch of our improved InfoShare, which enables the sharing of events online; securely and easily.

The next step will be the procurement of a data management system, which will help us to capture and understand more about the contextual conditions and causal factors of events so that we can better target our actions and check that they are having the desired effect.

HeliOffshore will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for this analysis tool in April, with responses requested by the end of May 2016.

Ultimately, I’m really excited by the potential of Big Data to improve the safety of offshore helicopter transportation!

The technology is here and is being used by other industries. We have the opportunity to do this on a global scale to the benefit of stakeholders across the offshore helicopter industry and – most importantly – the people we carry, every day.

By gathering and analysing Big Data, we will create powerful insights into safety performance. Robust leading indicators, fuelled by analytics, will give our members the intelligence they need to determine which actions will have the greatest impact on safety at the frontline. It will also help us to ensure that our actions are having the desired effect in the frontline, where they matter most.

The backbone of these efforts is timely, accurate data. And that is where our members come in. Our journey to realise the safety benefits of Big Data has started and you can get involved today! I encourage every member to learn more about the benefits of InfoShare and how to use it.

To learn more, please speak with me or Francois Lassale, or email