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8 December 2017


News: Input on Compressor Events Needed For CAP437 Helideck Guidance

Safety management and training company Thought Process Ltd is developing a programme to raise awareness of CAP437 standards for helicopter landing areas. The programme is intended to give offshore helicopter operations personnel a sound understanding of the design criteria for helidecks, as well as associated offshore environmental factors and helicopter performance.

The HeliOffshore member company is seeking input from fellow members to help it to develop Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) animations to illustrate the effect that hot gases and turbulence can have on helicopter performance during landings and takeoffs on offshore platforms. Companies are invited to provide any information about compressor-related events (not limited to incident reports, flight data monitoring input and manufacturer updates, etc.). This data will help Thought Process to produce the CFD animations.

Please send data and reports to: Morne Wiid, Managing Director, Thought Process Ltd: