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5 June 2018


News: Following IOGP’s Lead In Using Safer Vehicles Could Reduce Accidents and Fatalities

In a bid to reduce injuries and fatalities in land transportation, the safety committee of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) is recommending that its member companies commit to using only light vehicles that hold a 5-star rating under the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). The policy, which is due to take effect from 1stJanuary, 2019, is part of IOGP’s Project Safira programme aimed at eliminating fatalities from the upstream industry workplace.

According to the European Commission’s 2016 Vehicle Safety report, a 5-star rated vehicle lowers the risk of fatal injury by 68 percent compared to a 2-star rated vehicle, and by an estimated 12-percent compared to a 4-star rated vehicle. Every year, according to the World Health Organization, 1.25 million people are killed in road accidents. If nothing changes, road traffic injuries are set to become the fifth leading cause of deaths worldwide by 2020.

“I applaud IOGP for making this strong commitment to enhance safety and for doing so in a way that makes it so clear what exactly companies can do to make land transportation safer,” commented HeliOffshore CEO Gretchen Haskins. “I would encourage HeliOffshore members to consider whether they might choose to follow this excellent example by opting for vehicles that meet the 5-star NCAP standard.”

In its just-published “The Case for Safer Vehicles” policy statement, the IOGP acknowledges that crashes can happen even when vehicles are driven by best-trained, experienced and well-rested drivers—in part because they share roads with other drivers. This prompted the decision to mitigate the risk of injuries or fatalities by using vehicles that give drivers and their passengers the best possible protection in the event of an accident.

NCAP is a network of programmes operated in nine regions the world, including Australia, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Latin America & the Caribbean, and the USA. Each regional NCAP conducts independent research and testing of vehicles to assess the comparative safety characteristics of motor vehicles in each market, rating them with between 0 and 5 stars. According to IOGP, multiple US and European research studies have confirmed the connection between NCAP crash-testing and actual crash outcomes.

IOGP is calling on members to commit to only purchasing, leasing or contracting light vehicles that are 5-star rated by NCAP. IOGP members typically replace their vehicles after 3-5 years and so this policy should result in a flow of safer vehicles into the pre-owned market. In most NCAP regions, over 50 percent of tested vehicles were rated five-star.

Collectively, IOGP members control a very large fleet of vehicles worldwide so their decision to advocate the use of NCAP five-star rated models has very significant potential to reduce accidents and mitigate the number of fatalities from accidents. This positive impact could be increased if other stakeholders in the oil and gas industry—including HeliOffshore members—followed the same example.

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