13 May 2016


From 13-15 May 2016, 180 senior leaders participated in the second HeliOffshore Conference, themed “Global Collaboration, Frontline Results”. You can download the presentations and other information from the conference here.



From 13-15 May 2016, 180 senior leaders participated in the second HeliOffshore Conference, themed “Global Collaboration, Frontline Results”. Delegates reached agreements and made commitments that have elevated our collaboration and focus resources to deliver safety breakthroughs. Click here to view a short video on the HeliOffshore Conference 2016.

Delegates endorsed the HeliOffshore Safety Strategy and its three focus areas: systems reliability and resilience; operational efficiency; and the enablers that help to deliver and enhance safe operations.

The industry also adopted a plan to conduct a collaborative review of offshore fleet to enhance reliability and resilience, and to accelerate implementation of enhanced terrain warning systems by end 2017 to increase warning time for pilots.


Our shared HeliOffshore Safety Strategy provides a common language and framework to enhance safety. It directs focus to those activities that, when performed well in the frontline, will prevent accidents.


Led by David Balevic, SVP Engineering and Operations, CHC Helicopter

Please nominate people to participate in this workstream and the collaborative review to enhance reliability and resilience by emailing

Health & Usage Monitoring

Russell Gould and Malcolm Garrington encouraged operators to download the HUMS Best Practice Guidance and the Implementation Guide; continue to develop HUMS culture; ensure effective oversight and governance of HUMS processes; and, continue to provide feedback on implementation.



Led by Jonathan Baliff, CEO of Bristow Group

To nominate people to participate in working groups on FCOM, HTAWS and EBT please email For support in implementing the FCOMs, please contact your OEM/s or HeliOffshore.

Helicopter Terrain Awareness & Warning Systems

Simon Harlow, Mark Prior and Tony Cramp presented on HTAWS

Members adopted a plan to accelerate implementation of offshore enhanced HTAWS and the following requests were made:

  • Oil Companies/Operators: ensure safety benefits case is endorsed by key stakeholders
  • Equipment OEMS: provide field loadable software updates/LRU exchange by December 2017
  • Aircraft OEMS: help to identify any potential integration issues ASAP but at least by November 2016
  • Operators:
    • to install field loadable software updates/LRU exchange December 2017 onwards
    • facilitate installations of Phase 1 by December 2017
  • Regulators:
    • UK CAA/EASA:  work together on H-TAWS Specification (warning thresholds only) – November 2016
    • FAA adopt/support EASA work
    • UK CAA:  Circulate Phase 2 (HMI) report – January 2017

Evidence Based Training

Captain Mike Varney, President of the EBT Foundation, presented on Evidence Based Training.
If delegates have questions or comments about EBT, please email



Information Sharing

We encourage operators to participate in InfoShare and HeliOffshore Space – for more information:

Please also review the InfoShare protocol and send comments to or



Norway accident update

The latest information on the 29 April 2016 Norway accident is available here:


By collaborating on communications, we will more effectively reach the frontline of our industry, supply chain partners, innovators, and the global offshore workforce. Please connect your communications team with HeliOffshore communications director Melinda de Boer:

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Quote used by Bill Chiles to close the conference: “It is not the critic who counts…”


Friday 8 May – Monday 11 May
Lisbon, Portugal

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