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3 October 2018


News: CHC Helicopter Implements Real-Time Data Gathering for AW139 Fleet

CHC Helicopter has begun using a new real-time data gathering system for its fleet of AW139 helicopters. The system, which has been developed in collaboration with aircraft manufacturer Leonardo and data solutions specialist SKYTRAC, allows the operator monitor more than 500 Heliwise Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) indicators. 

The system alerts ground crew any time an inflight exceedance is detected and also streamlines the process for downloading HUMS and Flight Data Monitoring files after each flight. This gives CHC’s maintenance teams immediate insight into emerging technical issues, helping them to investigate these and prepare any remedial action before the aircraft is back on the ground.

The partnership between CHC, Leonardo and Skytrac—all members of HeliOffshore—also has given AW139 pilots an additional Electronic Flight Bag solution that delivers live weather and marine vessel location data. This improves the flight crew’s situational awareness by giving them the most up-to-date information.

“We are proud to be the first operator to utilise this solution,” commented Dave Balevic, CHC’s Senior Vice President of Engineering and Operations. “By streamlining our processes and sharing critical information between the air and the ground in real time, we can deliver an even safer operation that removes opportunities for human factors errors while providing more immediate visibility into potential issues.”

Gathering and analysing frontline operational data, including HUMS and Flight Data Monitoring, is a key aspect of HeliOffshore’s Safety Strategy. The global safety-focused association for the offshore helicopter industry is in the process of expanding the scope of its HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme.