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6 July 2018


News: Accident Investigation Board Norway Publishes H225 Turøy Final Report

The Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) has published its final report into the fatal accident involving an Airbus H225 helicopter that crashed near Turøy on 29th April 2016.

HeliOffshore, the global safety-focused association for the offshore helicopter industry, welcomes the detailed investigation report and will support implementation of lessons learned as part of our continuing collaboration among member companies to further enhance safety performance. It is vital that all available information about the causes of this accident is fully understood so that life-saving safety improvements can be developed and implemented.

HeliOffshore remains committed to supporting member companies in ensuring a full exchange and thorough analysis of all information relating to the accident. A working group of member companies will be meeting to discuss the findings of the AIBN investigation.

The Turøy accident took the lives of all 13 passengers and crew on the flight. As we review the accident report, the bereaved families are very much in the thoughts of HeliOffshore members. This drives our sustained resolve to eliminate fatalities in offshore helicopter operations. The close collaboration of over 110 member companies worldwide creates a strong foundation from which to continue to deliver the safety enhancements that have the greatest potential to save lives.